Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jam muffins

I hadn't made these muffins for years. But, invited to a brunch upstairs at Wolfgang's (where Champagne and prosecco and wonderful espresso flowed, and where his friend Marjam whipped up batches of Dutch poffertjes), I baked a dozen and carried them up, still warm. They disappeared before I could eat one. So yesterday I made some more, just for me. The joys of being a grown up.

I ate three for breakfast. They are very, very good. The jam is D'Arbo (sour cherry). Might have something to do with it

This was the original recipe, with an egg and ordinary flour, unlike the version I posted at 66 Square Feet (the Food) some years ago. It comes from the pages of the handwritten recipe book my mom gave me when I left South Africa, and its origin is The Silwood Kitchen's Breads, Buns, Cakes and Cookies, printed in South Africa a long time ago. It is one of the best baking books I know.

I added a teaspoon of mahlab to the dry ingredients, and after scooping a little batter into each muffin cup in the tray, I added some sour cherry jam, then more batter to cover.

When you have made them once, you can make them again in your sleep. Throw everything in a bowl, mix, plop in tray, and twenty minutes later, scarfscarfscarf.

I updated that original post, adding this jam muffin recipe.


  1. I just got a new range, replacing the aged oven that would not keep reliable temperatures even after calibration. Must make these muffins-they look superb!

  2. Wonder if you saw this...Please join NYBG this Thursday when Brian J. Huntley presents Kirstenbosch: The Most Beautiful Garden in Africa.. GH

  3. Love the recipe and even though I just had breakfast, I am hungry again! I found your blog while reading about watering ideas for gardens and have been visiting for a bit. Funny, I live in the middle of the desert in NM and you in the city, but we share many things in common in our growing endeavors.

    Water is always key for us but then how to plant, where to plant and then of course brightening up the area. We are humble and with our raised tire garden beds, I am reminded of a city whenever I am watering.



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