Monday, September 30, 2013

I went out walking

I took a Sunday walk.

Self-sown golden rod had jumped the fence at Pier 6, at 2.22pm

Trees waited to be planted at what may become Pier 4.

Ilex verticillata (winter berry) at Pier 1 at 2.42pm.

Earthworks between the already designed and planted parts of Brooklyn Bridge Park's piers.

Beaches for them and beaches for us.

2.54 pm on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade,

The Atlantic Antic at full surge at 3.19pm. 

Home followed, three minutes later.

And as I wrap my head around taking leave of the neighborhood I have known for almost ten years, here is another walk, in another season (plus one of the best poems every written):


  1. That was a lovely Sunday walk. Thank you.

  2. Can't wait for your uptown walks. Gabriela

  3. It is wonderful to have the link to a post that I somehow missed. And a link to a poem that I learned as people used to say "by heart" in my twenties - a portable poem back in the times before Google - available for when I needed it. I am so glad that it is still a loved poem. What a beautiful Sunday walk. looking forward to your first impressions of your new neighborhood.. T

  4. Thanks for sharing a lovely Sunday walk, Marie, and for the link to another walk. Thanks especially for the poem. I had never heard or read it before. I had a bad day today, and it reminds me to not fritter my time with "headaches and worry." Not so bad a day after all :-)

  5. Marie, I think of you when I read Eli Wiesel's bold challenge: "Whoever survives a test, whatever it may be, must tell the story. This is his duty."

    So, now you and Vince have survived a test. And with Harlem, waiting, please tell the story. Those of us "out here" depend upon your narrative because you tell it better and more elegantly than most.

  6. The tenacious golden rods are lovely... Though much maligned...fields and hedgerows here in the South are resplendent in their glory! Thanks for sharing your walks...and the poem.


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