Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday supper

Supper on the terrace last night. Basil and strawberries on long stems and echinacea in an old glass milk bottle. A candle in the wind. A freshly watered garden.

Food? Rillettes from last night's party (based on the fennel-roasted pork belly with lemon on page 202 in A Delicious Life), avocado cream from the book, and spiedini: in this case, melted mozzarella drizzled with buttery anchovies.

Plums for dessert.

And change to come.

Whither it will lead, we do not know.


  1. Marie, I got your book today, and as I expected and, as I'm sure your hoped, it is beautiful! You are a wonderful writer, so evocative, you set the mood and place so effectively. I do hope you are pleased and will celebrate appropriately and take a much deserved rest. I did notice that even after your hectic day yesterday, you had an elegant meal last night, even if it did include leftovers!

    Thank you for inspiring all of us to beautify our lives and to savor the moment.

    Nancy Mc

    1. Thank you very much, Nancy.

      I look forward to this hour or so at the table very much.

  2. I love how you create these charming little pockets of serenity in spite of whatever else might be going on in life : )

  3. You have made those leftovers look wonderful. Probably not too hard when they were wonderful to start with.
    Your book sounds great.


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