Thursday, September 19, 2013

Winter Gold Nugget Squash

It was about the size of my hand, fingers outstretched. It was one of two squash plants in a pot, only one of which had set fruit. The plant looked like it was at the end of its tether (yellow leaves, a sense of desperation), so I picked the squash.

Inside, some of the flesh was a beautiful dark green, just below the skin. I peeled, sliced and cooked it till just-tender in simmering water, then added some butter and many sage leaves to the drained and hot saucepan. The squash was delicious - buttery and soft. We ate it with our bayleaf-grilled roadkill chicken. No, not real roadkill. See page 97 of A Delicious Life, for a how-to.

Though we did wonder about wrapping a chicken in plastic and placing it in the middle of Henry Street, and waving the next truck or ambulance over it.

But that would be Art, right?

And all we wanted was supper.

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