Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The water

Wherever we land, we will probably not have a view of this harbor.

I have loved lying sometimes on the silvertop, flat, under the big New York sky. And when I sit up, or look out, this water is in the west. This water. Loved by poets. There is something of the crossing of the elephants about it. The way the water traffic moves, as if nothing else had ever existed.

We have six weeks left on our lease, and may move before then - limbo settles somewhere above us.


  1. Good luck Marie! We all look forward to hearing how this turns out, and how you will transform another terrace somewhere into a horticultural landmark.

  2. If I am ever in NY again I think I'll have to walk down Henry St...

  3. What is it about water that touches our souls? whether it's beach, marshland, a quiet stream, a busy harbor ... there's just something that pulls us back to nature. (Is it our dolphin past perhaps ...) am sorry you will probably lose that, but at least in NYC one can catch a subway or a bus for a visit.

  4. Things become so poignant when you are about to lose them or move on. I feel suspended in the moment, almost motionless. I am leaving Athens soon and wonder if I can live without this golden light but I tell myself that new beauties lie ahead. Bonne chance!


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