Thursday, September 12, 2013

A new leaf

The fig cutting has taken root.


  1. How symbolic of what awaits you. You're going through a painful pruning, both root and branch, but look what you have to look forward to! Think of all the new growth, and all the fruit, especially the fruit.

    Nancy Mc

  2. Ditto! Beat me to it, Nancy : )

  3. What a lovely new leaf...and yes, quite symbolic.

  4. Hi, Marie!

    I’m writing from São Paulo, Brasil, where I live.

    I love your blog; I follow your recipes and use them to study English (because my English is very and very bad…).

    High now, I’m delight with your book, than I bought it by internet and arrived yesterday.

    It was really wonderful!

    Congratulations and good sales!


  5. Having read of your love for figs I'm sure you're quite happy....and think it may have new bigger place to grow!

  6. Your entire hand must be green!

  7. Awwww, what a beautiful new baby with a bright, new future!

    Best of Luck,


  8. A new leaf in more ways than one :) You have so many of us rooting (ooo excuse the pun!) for the three of you!

  9. have you ever seen the movie with the title of the same name?
    Yours is beautiful!

  10. I just came to visit, after a mention of you by Jane of Small But Charming. (love her!) Leaving a note here to say that I am smitten, and I will continue to scroll and read for a bit longer. After that, I will push the Follow button and copy and paste your URL onto my Blog Roll, so I can keep up with whatever is happening in your world. (anyone who celebrates fig cuttings is a person I know I will like.)


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