Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beautiful Clinton Hill

Another Brooklyn tour: heading north from Cobble Hill, again, this time to Clinton Hill, near the Pratt Institute. Not to apartment-hunt, as it happened, but for a garden appointment. But it gave me the opportunity to reconnoiter another neighbourhood I hardly know.

If we found a place here I'd be happy, though I've seen very few available.

Parts of the neighbourhood are stately, with ragged pockets scattered inbetween. There is a mix of anonymous brown brick public housing and wide-sidewalked, beautifully-boned homes. There are old trees. 

If I could have that terrace up there? Heaven. And the lumpy begonias would be gone before you could say fish fertilizer.

Or that one...

There was a lot of beautiful colour and texture.

There were apple tees. [Hang on...those may be quinces - what do you think?]

Forests of Japanese knotweed. 

And, thanks to Pratt, art, and gardens.

And yes, Clinton Hill is a hill. All of 95 feet above sea level.


  1. I really have a great feeling about this neighbourhood!

  2. 95 feet is beaucoup when you are starting at sea level ... as you really are! Bet their toes did not get a bit wet with Sandy. Keep looking. Maybe something will pop up there.

  3. Looks like a great part of the city. Hope you find something you like soon. And just caught up with Estorbo and his latest adventure. Hope all tests are good. He sure looks great.

  4. Marie, did you see the Green Man face in the first terrace photo? Look between the 2nd and 3rd window bars tucked in amongst the ivy to the left of the terrace umbrella. Intense expression.

  5. I love the tours of the neighborhoods. Fascinating. Living on the western side, and in a very rural area, these city scenes, and fabulous!


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