Sunday, May 19, 2013

The bluebell wood

We were enveloped in low cloud, today. Persistent, gentle moisture. Because of it, the BBG decided to cancel the foraging walk I was to have led in the afternoon, and, despite having looked forward to it, it was a bit of a relief. I hadn't had much sleep, and the prospect of a free afternoon was quite attractive. 

I was at leisure, after my morning class,  to stroll back to the subway in the May weather, carrying my bags, and my post-class relief, like a tired albatross around my neck. Not quite, but sort of. 

I met some really nice people, everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and there will be other walks, on other days. 

Now, I just need to not think so much, for a while. I can't wait to see home, my parents, Selina, Cape Town, the corgis (but no Ben - I miss him), the mountain outside our bedroom window, to being on the road, again, to having supper in the kitchen. To winter. I haven't seen a Cape winter since 1994, when I left. 

Back to Brooklyn , and the heart breaking blue. The garden was deserted. A pity - for the garden, not me- as the light is good on grey days and the mist so fine that everything sparkled. The bluebells are in their glory. I write about them, in my book, in May (Chapter Five!). I write about everything that has mattered to me, in this city. I needed to do that. To say thank you.

The bluebells will still be there on Tuesday (the garden is closed on Mondays), but not perfect for much longer. Go, soon.

I wonder what it would be like to lie in the middle of them?

And yes, they smell about as good as they look.


  1. remembering your photo in the calendar...

    such a spectacular spot.

  2. Splendiferous and very moving. Thank you.

  3. These photos remind me of the scenes in the movie "Howards End" in which one of the characters (in his imagination, I think -- it's been a while since I watched the movie last time) walks through a forest the floor of which was covered with flowers, very possibly English bluebells. I remember those scenes were especially breathtaking on the movie-theatre screen. I am glad to know that a similar experience can be had for a little while in NYC, even though I don't live there.

  4. Your class was simply wonderful Marie. And the goodies just delicious. Have a wonderful holiday and thank you again.

  5. We used to have blue bells in the garden. Unfortunately the lilies of the valley have taken over. As have the weeds, the day lilies and the rhodies.

  6. Gorgeous sight! I've never been to NYC, but these are scenes I can't fathom being there--just buildings and streets in my mind.

  7. Good views to carry in your heart as you journey.

  8. I assume bluebells reseed themselves around in England, but wonder if they do on the east coast of the US as well. Do you know? I'd love to plant some on our south facing wooded slope that has extremely little ground vegetation. The north slopes are a mix of goodies, but nothing on the south. Not sure if it's due to denser shade or drier conditions or both.

  9. Oh my gosh this is my dream! Ah to have a big plot of land to amble through the spring bulbs!


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