Friday, May 17, 2013

How green is my salad?

I started to weed out the bolted kale yesterday evening while an enormous block of cumulus hung exactly above the roof and threw out enough drops to make me nervous for the camera. The cat sat firmly on my fava beans and chewed grass. I abandoned my weeding and concentrated on picking our supper salad: cresses and mustards and spotted lettuces and a few whiskers of dill, and un-sat-on fava leaves, peas, and young lamb's quarters. 

The rain came down while the sun shone and I disappeared back down the hatch to rescue our spatchcocked chicken, which was browning very nicely in a hot oven.

It was a warm day. The black spot is creeping into the Iceberg, the terrace is becoming a jungle - overnight, it seems. Lilies are already almost as tall as I am, and I have begun to support them to prevent unseemly leaning.

We should all be so lucky...


  1. Lovely bowl of greens you got here.

    Lots of lettuce, spinach and kale harvesting for us in the next week.

  2. I have read recently that lily pollen is very poisonous to cats....

    1. Every part of lilies is poisonous to cats. But Estorbo has managed to live equitably with them for six years. Maybe because he has so much else to chew on, outside.

  3. Does look healthy and delish!

  4. Glad the garden is givig ypu a big does of color - and flavor - before you start your summer adventure!

  5. Wow, this is inspiring me to grown lettuce in my pots... and cherish each meal. Beautiful blog (I'm looking at this whilst on a blogging workshop...!)


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