Friday, May 3, 2013

Green ceilings

...above the spring streets of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

If I could press Pause, I would, The light, the leaves, the colour.

Also, I wouldn't mind driving that Mercedes 4 x 4. Is it a 4 x 4? I mean, not here. But, you know...on a rough road, somewhere. I actually like driving.

We're going to be doing a lot of driving, soon. A lot. Sideways, right through the middle of South Africa, from Cape Town all the way northeast, into the Kruger Park.  The roads won't really be rough. But it is a funny thought, switching from our tiny carbon footprint, carless New York City lives, to a roadtrip where the car becomes the center of our lives, and where gas will be guzzled. In some of the camps where we'll stay in the Kruger, there is no electricity at all. Away from cities' light pollution, and under the African night skies, we will be beneath stars I can't even imagine, right now. A teeming sky.

With night noises...

It all seems very far away. There is so much to do.

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