Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the Tokai pine plantations

During a break in rain showers Vince and I headed towards the nearest pine forests with the two corgis. Mission? Two-fold: give the dogs a promised walk, and find mushrooms. Vince humours me. Unless they're chanterelles he doesn't get very excited by fungi. But he spotted many of the pine rings we collected and herded me in the right direction as a light drizzle penetrated the pine plantation. 

There were many of what resembled ceps (usually referring to Boletus, or boletes, a genus of mushrooms with pores rather than gills), these above with sticky caps staining yellow when cut. Boletus? Or Suillus? Not even sure of the genus. I'm not  a big fan of boletes in general, despite the hype, so we ignored them. Perhaps I'd be converted to their cause if I ate fresh Boletus edulis (porcini) which is apparently also found in these parts...?

 A Russula, above - edible but not particularly pleasant.

Above and below - if you want an interesting evening... This is the notorious fly agaric. Amanita muscaria. When young it is the classic fairytale "toadstool" - white spots on a bright red cap. Highly and famously hallucinogenic.

Our hunt started slowly, but soon the pine rings started to appear.

If you're looking for them too, check for this orange ring when you cut the stem. And leave some behind... Good mushrooming manners. 

It's just possible that I may have eaten enough, now.


  1. Wow. I thought you were talking a handful, not a basketfull. How wonderful! Makes me want mushroom risotto for dinner!

  2. For years I have walked that forest and seen those mushrooms, but don't know how to cook there any special way they should be done? Have you time to meet for coffee at the Alpen Hotel restaurant? It would be lovely to meet you guys. you can email me at

  3. Why are we denied photos of the corgis????


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