Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter. Still here.

The farmers market at Union Square. Cold, under a white sky. Black radishes in crates. We found our friend Ty at Cato Corner, and bought some cheese. Ty looked cold, and laughed his laugh.

Hilltops and valleys, filled with root vegetables. So this is winter? I think my body clock is at a loss. It says, If it's late December, it should be Cape Town. Year in, year out. 

Meadows of carrots and radishes.

Boxes of garlic.

Cataracts of cat grass.

(A what-to-do-with-root vegetables discussion continues on 66 Square Feet's Facebook page - some nice ideas... I'm making a list for the months to come.)


  1. Oooo, look at that garlic - yummy! The root veggies remind me of a great recipe for a vegetarian pot pie with puff pastry crust from Aida Mollenkamp.

    On a kitty note, I got some cat grass for Christmas just like the pots pictured above. My cats tore into it. They were even pulling it out by the roots. I had to take the pot away to let it recover so it would continue to grow.

    1. Hmm, that sounds good. I suppose anything under puff pastry sounds good!

      Yes, Estorbo also rips the grass out, roots and all...funny cats.

  2. Even though I never see you I always "miss" you when you are gone for those months.

    So Selfishly I am glad to have you on this continent and will enjoy your slant on winter.

    I myself don't care for the cold and am off to spend the season with your family.:-)

    xo Jane

    1. ...grrrr, hahaha, grrrrr, hahaha, grrrrr! xox

  3. What a great looking market. Had planned roasted root veggies for Christmas dinner, but had a guest who arrived a hour late. Didnt think to turn off the oven ... burned parsnips! Will dothem another time.

    Glad you are with us, but sorry for thecold.


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