Friday, December 7, 2012

Table Mountain hiking rules

This was one of our views over the Cape peninsula from the Silvermine range on Thursday afternoon. It was a floriferous walk, but we are short on time and stories will be told later, once we are back in Brooklyn.

I leave you with some hiking rules to ponder:

So there. Don't say you didn't know.

Some good flora-related news - my pictures of Disa longicornu and Themeda triandra (rooigras - subject of one of Antjie Krog's  most haunting poems) will be published by House and Garden and National Geographic, respectively. Eep!

And now we rush off to Kirstenbosch, on our last day in Cape Town, to find more flowers and more stories, and then we gather for lunch with my mom at her favourite restaurant, The Food Barn.

Time has flown.


  1. Stunning photos Marie...waht a shame you can't stay longer. Enjoy every moment :) Thanks for the virtual sunshine!

  2. So... you can't swim on the hiking trail? And I'm pretty sure that 3rd pic in the first sign means "No Blogging", Marie. What the stairmaster guy is doing in the 4th pic is beyond me - catching a dove? Enjoy the last few days. A sip is better than no drink at all...

  3. Janet, pretty sure one is not supposed to throw rocks. " a sip is better than no drink at all." love that. I agree with Jelli, the virtual sunshine is amazing. And I LOVE the pics- I don't get one of the last ones: don't go backpacking with your friends? Or let the fast guy behind you get ahead of you? thanks for updating us while you are on vacation.

  4. I think that sign means, 'Don't hike alone...line thru it' and then a group of three hikers, acceptable! I love the signs!

  5. national geographic!!!!! Vrystaat!! Veels geluk!!!

  6. You go, girl! Two poems, two magazines - seems fair. A little something to tidebus over until the book.


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