Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Edible Brooklyn cover

This was a nice surprise - walking into our wine shop the day after we got back from South Africa and seeing the latest edition of Edible Brooklyn on display, with my Brooklyn Bitters cocktail on the cover!

See, there's the silver-plated cocktail shaker my mom gave us, one of the Woodstock glasses (late 19th century South African commercial glass enterprise) that survived The Tick, aka the cat sitter from hell, the big knife I haggled for in Cape Town (Are you from Johannesburg? asked the snotty salesman, crossly. New York, I said proudly. He rolled his eyes in an I-should-have-guessed-it circle. I got 10% off. It was a floor model!).

What else. Oh, red currant gin - all gone now, very sad, and hen of the woods mushrooms in the background. And the Missing Opinel. I lost it, somehow. I got a new one for my birthday. Can't live without an Opinel knife. High carbon steel - the blade that rusts if you look at it but which sharpens to a paper thin edge of dangerousness.

These bitters were wonderful, and next year I shall make vast quantities - mostly wild black cherry based. And next year it seems I will be leading a troop of bartenders into the urban wilds to teach them about what to pick and why. Also, next May, another foraging class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but this time with foraging walk thrown in. May is excellent for green foraging. Hoping for lots of burdock.

I'll post that date when I have it.
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