Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December leaves

Trout lettuce - of which I will never be rid, I suspect, after its prolific self seeding; spinach, its undersides infested with a tiny, reddish mite, hence too much trouble to wash and eat; unsure (some kind of chicory?) - nice and bitter; red romaine; giant red mustard - miniature here, but in my mother's garden so giant it is embarrassing; dwarf kale; peas and fava beans. All making lots and lots of leaves, right now. The mustard is especially good - tender and very hot.


  1. chicory: dandelion?
    Can I be your cat? I need a nap on your square feet, so I can sniff your greenery.

  2. Yes, basically - dandelion :-) It was part of seed mix and pops up amongst the red romaine. I wish my cat had your brains. He's crazy for any kind of grass, literally running for it if I wave a green blade at him. Gobbles it down, waits five minutes, and then...

  3. lucky duck! All greenery here, hardy or otherwise, has been covered in snow for months. Even Kale doesn't appreciate -20C. vicarious leaves...thnx. I do grow fenugreek, cilantro, arugula in pots under a grow light when i get desperate. Sprouts and microgreens in the kitchen as well. The joys of the Canadian Prairies in winter...off to book an Hawaiian getaway.


  4. Yeah Jake, vicarious leaves! Yummy! Though it does feels a little odd to be eating raw greens at this time of year somehow. A bit too yin... : )


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