Sunday, December 23, 2012


The Lobster Place. A fish shop so clean and unfishy and tempting that I would be happy to move in. I'd sleep on a little cot in the corner, well swaddled. It's chilly, in there. We were at the Chelsea Market, the cave-like series of food shops and kitchen stores beneath the Food Network empire on a long block of West 16th Street and 9th Avenue, to look for a new chopping board and espresso maker. On the way out, loaded with the former but not the latter, we wandered in here on a whim, and wandered out with a sackful of shaved ice and two bags of oysters, still tightly zipped. We rode back to Brooklyn with them on the subway.

I unzipped them at home. I nearly gave up with the first three. How on earth...? Then got the hang of it. Less brute force than leverage.

Oysters. You either do, or you don't.

Do you?


  1. Oh Yeah, there's no middle of the road with oysters. You are either besotted or revolted. I love them! Merry Christmas

  2. Alas, I do, but being 40 years married to an environmentalist (health) I no longer indulge due to that critter (undetectable) which can "kill you dead"! Poor me, memories must suffice.

  3. Only in a stew. Too many horror stories about raw seafood, so no sushi either.

  4. Yes, I suppose any raw food is always a gamble, though I'm inclined to believe that we have more to fear from leafy greens :(

  5. Absolutely yes! And, i have good news for some of you. If your oysters happen to come from the Chesapeake Bay, they are totally safe. We had dinner by chance with the super head big guy at VIMS a couple of years ago and he says so. They test constantly and he eats them amost daily himself!

    Fewer for me if you eat them, but its the season of giving and that info will be my gift to you ... all. MerryChristmas!

    1. Really? Interesting...

      I chose from Nova Scotia, Rhode Island and California (sorry, I love Kumamotos)...I was worried about local oysters.

      Happy Christmas :-)

    2. One of the projects of the peconic land trust is to bring back Li oysters, north fork.

      Should we worry about Fracking and the Chesapeake water shed? Those widely spaced signs announcing it on highway 80 in PA tell me I should.

  6. Down here on the lower Chesapeake, a fierce rivalry exits as to who boasts the best oysters, Maryland, or here in Virginia.

    To me, it's like olive oil (Spain vs. Italy), it all tastes the same, however prepared (or not): Delightful!

  7. Short answer, no.
    Long answer, nooooooooooooooo : )
    Even if I ate other beings, they just don't look like you should put them in your mouth!
    Merry Christmas one and all x

  8. No way. Not raw, not cooked, not in a stew, just absolutely not. I don't know why. I love all other forms of seafood.

  9. Hubby is a fan, so we go to a local grill where they shuck and serve on the half-shell, always a good assortment. Me, not so much. But I love smoked oysters on creamed wheat thins. With booze.

  10. Absolutely. Appilachicola Bay Oysters from the Florida Panhandle. In months with an "R" down here - when the water is cold enough.


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