Monday, December 3, 2012

Conversion by flower

Today, at Cape Point, Vincent fell in love with Helichrysum vestitum. Also known as Cape snow. But we think they look like flocks of small sheep. Their fresh whiteness was strewn across an enormous area of restios (reed-like plants).

The difference in floral display is arresting - we are usually here three to six weeks later in the year. It's like an entirely new season.


  1. what's not to love. suspect it would grow well here in san francisco but cannot find a us grower.

    can you comment on this plant vs. Eriocephalus africanus which google and the internet also call cape snowbush?

  2. I can only imagine what wonderful plants must grow in South Africa, wild and cultivated.

  3. Nice shot of the beautiful snowy Cape sheep!

  4. I saw these flowers too just recently when at Cape Point, and at first I though I was seeing snow, or hallucinating. They are spectacular.

  5. a wild strawflower, just lovely!


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