Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zelkovas are shining

Zelkova alley on Henry Street.

Zelkova on Amity.

The same Amity zelkova, from the other side.


  1. Zel what? Beautiful. Is our rain coming your way?

    xo J.

  2. Gorgeous looks like this is peak for your trees right now. Aren't you almost a month late this year?

  3. Beautiful colors. It looks like very nice sunny days in New York. I read another blog from New York which shows the beauty. I would love to quickly transport there for a day of walking and photo taking. Then transport home without ever having set foot on a plane. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

  4. You've made these ungainly trees look so beautiful. I linked to your post in my write up about the somewhat damaged zelkovas up here. Thanks for supplying such great photos here!


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