Thursday, November 24, 2011

Internet on Amtrack

Liiiiiive from the Adirondack.

We are somewhere north of lunch.

The snow appeared a few hours ago.

We are sitting in the last car, but blogging from the cafe car,which has Wi-Fi.

I love this trip.

Eleven hours on a train are a different country from plane travel.

The lakes are like slate.

Lunch, five hours after breakfast (bacon and egg sandwiches).

There are three sorority-type girls behind me telling each other what they are thankful for. They are eating mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and turkey from deli containers. They have, like, valley girl accents? 

One of them is, like thankful for the mashed potatoes?

My kind of girl.

The lady they have befriended and invited to lunch says she is thankful for the big guardian angel that follows her throughout her life.  

I am thankful for the Fuji apple and cranberry pies I made last night.

I have seen four deer and a million turkeys

We are at the Canadian border, and must leave the cafe car now.


  1. Love these photos of your journey!
    I am getting a sense of the scale of the different from Scotland.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. Sandwiches with boob lotus I see.

  3. Fuji apple and cranberry pie sounds wonderful(Recipe?) Love the pictures of your trip. Have a great time :)

  4. What beautiful pictures you have taken from a moving train.

    Why not live a beautiful life, eh?

    xo J.

  5. A wonderful journey. I love trein trips. You see all the beautiful, secret places you never see from a car.

  6. How cool to be posting real time from the train. Amazing photos.

  7. I love what flwrjane do live a beautiful life, and I'm thankful that you share it with us (though I'd also be thankful for a big Guardian Angel with mashed potatoes following me around all the time..!)

  8. Oh... it looks absolutely wonderful and so very romantic!!
    I've been wishing for a proper summer, but now I miss the snow x

  9. Marie, beautiful pictures. I
    went cross country on amtrac
    and enjoyed it.

  10. Looks stunning - thanks for sharing with us, beautiful life indeed :)

  11. I love the shot of the tracks from the rear of the train. It's, like, awesome!

  12. Hi there, any chance I could use your picnic train pic? Of course I will credit you and link to your blog!

    1. Hi Anila

      Can you tell me a bit more? marieyviljoen at gmail (dot) com


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