Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cider cocktail

I liked this one. I have been playing with cider, and with infusions. Trying to capture or to define the sense of fall, and November, and the promise and threat of the approaching Northern season.

To wit, I made an apple syrup - just freshly-sliced apples with skin and pips (Honey Crisp), brown sugar and water, boiled and cooled and strained. I used the apple slices in a quick pan-cake: a creamy batter poured over the apples and baked for 30 minutes, turned out upside down onto a plate.

I shook up the cooled apple syrup with some spicebush-infused cognac, strained that into a coupe, and topped it up with a very dry, hard apple cider.

I sipped it while making leek and potato soup.

Verdict? A cocktail worthy of the season, I'd say. Now all it needs is a name. Suggestions?


  1. Autumn Harvest or just autumnal

  2. Oops, so sorry I hadn't acknowledged your comments! I like both...My Croft - a brilliant name for a drink, though I think it will have to keep for one made with something from summer and fall produce: a project.


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