Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hidden in plain sight

Where is this?

It's in the city, I'll say that much.

Yup, New York City...

And on the subject of green (red and yellow) spaces in the metropolis, it is Prospect Park Litter Mob time again. This Tuesday, 9am, corner of East and Center Drives in Prospect Park - whose woods should be stunning. We will de-litter for a little over an hour, and then do some woodland restoration -I'm not sure what it will be, yet. 

Here are directions - and please let me know if you are able to help.


Back to the Mystery Place: Dinah - you are right. High Rock Park, Staten Island. To see the full, spectacular autumn in this park, visit the Frenchies' beautiful blog post about it.


  1. Is that Alley Pond Park in Queens?

  2. I'm guessing Staten Island.(High Rock?)

  3. Lyn - that is on my list - I have not visited it yet...any tips?

    Dinahmow, yes!

  4. I won't make it to the clean up as I am needed at, and need, work. The park was beautiful today!

  5. Glad you photographed the pond. I didn't.

  6. Thanks, Amber. Most of us work, and need to. The few who don't are not unemployed by choice, and help us out while they have the time.

    Certainly our schedules are not conventional and I'd love to accommodate more people. But we are accompanied by an Alliance staff member who is only available in the week.

    You will be happy to know that there are weekend volunteer opportunities: Prospect Park Volunteer Office - volunteers (at) prospectpark dot org

    Frank - the lake. Next time I'd love to go round it. Thanks so much for the trip!

  7. A few decades ago, when I was in high school and living in Bayside, I would bike in the park. You could 'lose the city' while on the trails through the woods and marshes...
    ...the closest I get to NYC now is your delightful blog !!!

    The LIRR Port Washington line has a stop in Douglaston, at the northeast corner of Alley Pond Park. Also not to be missed in that neighborbood is the Queens County Farm Museum, 3 miles from the Douglaston stop. It has many seasonal activities, including a Fall Fair...(my mom judged jams, jellies, pickles and vinegars for several years).
    ...some day trip ideas to be explored on the Long Island Sound edges of NYC...

  8. Lynn, that's great to know - very good tips, thank you!


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