Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2012 Calendar giveaway

Cover Photo: Marc Dalio

Estorbo was a bit late with his drawing for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's 2012 calendar giveaway, whose results I promised for Monday, but here are his 8 choices (he stirred the hat with his paw and closed his eyes before spearing each ballot with a claw):

KarenLR, Carol, BDZler, Jane, Lyn, Donatella, Ellen and Karen. You all left comments on the calendar post, now could you please send me your snail mail addresses?

marieyviljoen at  gmail dot com

For those whom the silly cat did not choose, I am very sorry I don't have more to give away. Two were held back for my mom and mom-in-law. If you would still like to purchase a calender, please visit the BBG's website for details.


  1. Muchas gracias hermano! I am very happy!

    Marie...what is your e-mail address?

  2. Oops, sorry Karen. It resides behind my profile pic but I've added it to the post.

  3. The other Karen is very, very happy, too. What a nice thing for you to do!

  4. Yipee! Thank you and thanks to Estorbo for pulling my name from the hat!

  5. Donatella ScherzandoNovember 30, 2011 at 2:15 AM

    Yay! Did Storbie find my entry that was dotted with peach yogurt? ; )

  6. Well done everyone! Hope you had a great trip Marie :)

  7. Yay !!!
    Thanks Marie :-)

    Your train photos were stunning, any tales from your Montreal visit?

  8. Thank you Marie and Estorbo!

  9. so sorry I missed this ... I don't think they ship to Canada :-( your photo(s) are stunning always. xo to the D. cad Susan & les Gang


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