Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Home again

We are back in the hood, and I'll update the blog, soon. We returned late last night to a spotless apartment, a sleek cat and some very good wine. So we sat down at once, at 11pm,  and drank some. Thank you, John!

But for now, I hear the siren call of the woods in Prospect Park, must pull on my rainboots, pack my camera and head in short sleeves into the unseasonably warm day. Very strange weather... I was sent some interesting pictures of a tree in the woods yesterday by someone who works there, and will report on it if it is still intact.

And if you have nothing better to do, or are avoiding a deadline, there's nothing like a little de-littering to get you motivated. Find us in the woods.


  1. Welcome home! I hope all of you (including Estorbo) had wonderful holidays.


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