Friday, November 18, 2011

BBG 2012 Calendar

These are the bluebell woods of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in November. Not very blue.

They'll be back again in May 2012, but if you'd like a sneak peek before then, you may order the BBG 2012 calendar, where, for the month of May, you will be looking at my image of the glorious bluebell woods!

From the BBG's website:

"Among the Garden’s most passionate visitors are photographers, who capture the beauty each season brings to the Garden’s 52 acres. Their images, taken from unique vantage points, offer perspectives that are at once stunning and unexpected. The 2012 calendar celebrates BBG through their eyes, with a selection of the best visitor-contributed photos from an online competition hosted last year."

An outdoor exhibition of the 12 winning photographs - chosen from over 4,000 submitted - in the calendar kicks off this Saturday with an opening reception of coffee and cake at 10.30am in the Rotunda (Visitors Center). If you are in the hood, come and join us.

Around 11:10 we’ll go on a tour of the photos, led by one of the BBG's garden guides. Each photograph will be in the spot in which it was taken. The tour will last approximately 45 minutes.

The exhibition will last till February 2012, but I'm not so sure about the cake...


  1. Congratulations on this well deserved recognition.

    Your world has grown by leaps and bounds since I've gotten to know you.

    As has mine from following along.

    xo Jane

  2. Thanks, Jane - it's a nice little boost. Now if only my apartment would grow by leaps and bounds! Streeeeeetch...

  3. So proud of you! We all know that your photos are always excellent - and interesting - but it's so nice to see you get some broader based recognition! Kudos!

  4. Congratulations ! I remember that picture so well and was amazed at the bluebell wood. Maybe the closest we have here is a field of arums, arums and more arums. Your pictures are superb.

  5. Bravo ! Enjoy the celebration of the pack and it's appreciative fans.

  6. Great to finally meet! Always fun to catch with online folk in "meatspace."

  7. Chris - meatspace, jajajaja. Very nice to meet you, too!


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