Saturday, November 12, 2011

Central Park in November

Thursday, I walked in Central Park. I was heading for The Ramble and should not have been surprised when I saw the main paths into it fenced off with barricades and yellow Caution! Cuidado! tape and notices explaining that it had not yet been cleared of damaged limbs from the late October snow storm. The park had to scramble to be ready for the New York Marathon, and the main roads must have taken priority. But I found a way in, skirting a lawn and walking through the trees, paying extra attention to anything above me.

It was a wonderful way to experience this wooded heart of the park. No one there, for the most part. An elderly man who asked me how my eyesight was, and was that thing a raccoon, high up in the tree? I said no, it was probably a squirrel nest (drey!).  We parted, warning each other about suddenly falling branches.

Leaves covering paths, the occasional whine of a distant chainsaw. A homeless man and his belongings in the rustic gazebo, and all around us the yellow, bronze, sunset and bright colours of a northern autumn.

And after I left The Ramble I did what I always do on my own in the park. I found a hot dog stand, asked for a dog with mustard and ketchup, and ate it.


  1. Beautiful photos Marie. I miss Central Park and feel very sad about all the damage that has occurred to the trees this year. Looking at your photos and seeing those majestic trees, I feel a little better. The Park still looks beautiful and will survive.

  2. Beautiful slide show, Marie! I especially love the skyscrapers framed by the russet oaks. I must admit, though, whenever I hear the phrase "Central Park in fall", I think of that horrible Wayne Newton crooner: "I recall Central Park in fall, how you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess, that's not all. Danke Schoen, darling..." Never mind that for years I thought he was singing 'Central Parking Mall', but even with the right sylvan location, it still sounds vaguely criminal....

  3. Cannot wait to see it. We are making a Met-trip the first April to catch a bit of opera, but I intend a walk in Central Park. Will have to go back to your late March/early April posts so I know what to expect! My appetite is officially whetted! thanks.


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