Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring, courtesy of New York

I walked back home from a SoHo appointment to Brooklyn, in low misty cloud.

Above,  a park I had not seen before, above Canal Street in the southern remnants of SoHo. Trash, pigeons, a homeless person, blossoms and railings. A city encapsulated.

It is worth stating the obvious, that most of the blossoms and flowers popping open all over now and showing up here are not the citizens of private gardens. They are on the street, for everyone. Above and below, the Manhattan end of the Brooklyn Bridge...

I have lost my fight with forysthia. I have begun to like it. Brooklyn Promenade.

Callery pears will be even prettier when the sun comes out.

And one of the reasons for my walk rather than subway ride home: the Amelanchier blossoms in DUMBO, which have still not opened! I feel lucky to have seen them at every stage of their seasonal progress, but the suspense is killing me.

If you're tired of seeing flowers, just holler. Otherwise it may be rather an effusive month.


  1. Forsythia, being one of the first shrubs to bloom, is always a welcome sight...for about a week. Then it turns a yolky color that I find very unpalatable.

    I'm enjoying all your photographs nonetheless.

  2. Fetching, the orange traffic cones and the pink magnolias! It's your basic Mediterranean color scheme, Brooklyn style. (And I just caught sight of Mrs. Cadwallader chattering in your left column! I have spent this winter -- at least the half-hour before I fall asleep -- in Middlemarch with Dorothea, Rosamond, Will and the gang. Love it.)

  3. I checked my pictures of Amelanchier flowers from last year and they were open on 4/21 on the CPW terrace. Shall we make our BBP harvest an annual event?

  4. Always up for some flower pictures... no complaints here.

  5. I love your photos of public spaces in NYC, through the seasons. Please keep them coming. I live in Tokyo where the urban concrete sprawl overwhelms...but the little pocket parks that dot the city remind me to slow down and breathe... I think NYC is filled with public spaces. I remember reading that NYC gives tax breaks to companies that provide public space on their property. I think there is a guide book that lists such spaces because some are quite hidden and not publicized.

  6. Tired of your flower photos - never! Keep 'em coming.

  7. Keep the flower photo's enjoyable to see NYC thru your lens.

  8. no no, carry on with the flowers. maybe with a guest appearance of the cat once in a while?

  9. Aint no hollerin' down here!
    And to David, in Tokyo...I think there is such a map (such maps?);I'll look and come back with a link if I find it. The one I recall was for San Francisco, but there may be others.
    Marie, I'm glad you like forsythia. :-)

  10. For David in Tokyo: can't find the link I had in mind, but if you Google "corporations that devote land to public parks" you should get,at least, a starting point.


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