Monday, April 11, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge love locks

I saw this one first, above. Then the one below.

Is this why the Brooklyn Bridge is veiled? They are cutting off the love locks?

Funnier still, the keys to the locks are in the river.

The Brooklyn Paper explained, last year. Wikipedia exlains a little differently (good pictures).

"Heidi und Juppi, (Zuppi?)", heart heart heart heart, flower flower.


  1. I was in Paris last month and the Pont des Arts is covered with 'love locks' as well.

    Unrelated, I think I had a Marie sighting in my 'hood (Park Slope) today .. Not sure .. off white tshirt and pants, brown boots, looking both inquisitive and relaxed with a massive camera? Was that you?
    (sounds a bit like a "missed connections ad" , sorry)

  2. Ah, that's so lovely!

    It's a pity they can't be left where they are.

  3. Lambert - Yes, that was me :-) Where?? I was walking back to Cobble Hill from Prospect Heights, and was hunting for blossoms.

    Anne - I think many of them have survived a long time, but if you look at some of the places they've been clamped, the en masse problem becomes apparent...

  4. hi, in Italy, it is normally...

    ponte Milvio

    here is

    I can't traducing, I hope you'll can traduce it on-line

    sorry for my bad language...


  5. In front of the PS.321 school on 7th ave.
    I said to myself "wow this person looks very familiar" but I couldn't tell where I 'knew' you from.
    Next time, I'll say hello.

  6. Call me a curmudgeon, but I find this almost as obnoxious as carving names in a tree. As if the world should bear witness to two people's now-cliched declaration of love.

    If only people were as impressed by acts of spontaneity and originality rather than following a fad or fashion. Someone should convince the masses that picking up condom wrappers in Prospect Park is the height of romantic communion.

  7. Thanks for the beautiful photos. The authorities are spoil sports if they want to remove the locks! I hope you don't mind but I used one of your photos (with a credit and link) in a story on my blog:


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