Saturday, April 16, 2011

A modest spring

As I write the wind is howling, the climbing roses have torn loose, I have turned the heat on in the apartment and New York is under flood watch. I wonder how Central Park's cherry blossoms are faring. It seems we caught them just in time.

In the meantime, from yesterday's terrace, violets.

The lilies are growing an inch a day, it seems, the roses are forming buds, the strawberries have tight green knots of embryonic flowers, and the poor violas are screwing up their eyes in the face of the whipping gale.

Spring might be back tomorrow.


  1. It's a blustery(!!) day all the way up here. The wind made a concerted effort to steal and destroy my umbrella this morning as I walked to the market... had not realized how the wind had picked up or I would have just made do with a raincoat. I managed to hang on, and although somewhat bent, it lives to fight another day.

  2. It's quite the dreary storm today. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

  3. I love your images. They are beautiful and its great to see actual images of NY - not what we see on TV here in SA.


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