Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The first chives

I resist snipping them for as long as I can, but by this time in spring I am very hungry for fresh green herbs, straight from the terrace. The thyme is still sulking, the summer savoury seedlings are profuse but tiny, the sage is recovering, but the chives have erupted. I have waited long enough!


The lilies are already tilting eastwards, towards the sun.

The first strawberry flower has opened, plainly revealing the fruit to come.

And the chives joined some warm boiled eggs with sweet butter, salt and fresh-cracked black pepper, for the Patrick Leigh Fermor-inspired Eier im Glas.

Although our New York spring may appear to be broken at the moment, I believe it will be fixed soon. There have been men working in the street all morning and a little sun just came out,so I think they found the problem.


  1. The last 2 sentences- brilliant!

  2. I keep wondering how dinahmow must feel reading about your terrace plants waking up, and being able to see them in her mind, too.

    80's here today. We're sending it your way.

  3. I snipped mine four days ago -they were so big and fresh. Snipped maybe the wrong choice, ripped with my bare hands, barbarian that I am.

  4. Sigh. You have made me remember the glass-eggs I so loved in Germany.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Merci, Dinahmow. It's broken again. Where do my tax $'s go???

    webb - I think she looks around her lush house and thinks, thank goodness I'm not in that matchbox in New York ! :-)

    frank - you wrenched them? You animal!

    Ellen - really? I have never seen real ones in in the flesh, so to speak. Only in words in books.


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