Friday, April 8, 2011

Small things

Sometimes, when I have dinner there, my lovely friend Mimi puts out a dish of small sliced cucumbers and a dish of salt, as a snack. That's all. It is such a simple thing that one rarely considers it. But for a quick crunch and clear flavours, it is perfect. So I remember to do it at home, too, even as cucumber season on the roof is months away...But radishes have been planted. These come from Mr Lee's.

And within days Mimi will be a mother to a second boy today Mimi gave birth to her second son.

What gift of food does one bear to the new mother, the new father, the small brother who must accept a smaller rival?

Something delicate and strengthening, something strong and bracing, something entirely distracting...


  1. Quite agree about the simple tastes.

    Trying to remember what would have hit the mark when my 4 were born, not forgetting that stuff mum eats, breastfed baby gets so hot spices etc can spell colic can spell misery! Someone gave us homemade, delicate and aromatic chicken broth and perfect homemade bread. I may have wept with gratitude.

  2. Belinda, thank you - both excellent suggestions :-) Off to buy a chicken now!


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