Friday, January 28, 2011

Mariam's Roti Roll

Mariam's Kitchen is a halal fast food restaurant on Heerengracht Street, the one that everyone thinks is the beginning of Adderley Street, on the harbour side of the fountain.

My cousin Andrea had been telling me about Mariam's masala steak sandwiches for at least a year and yesterday we met at the offices of Go!, and then crossed the street to order lunch.

As soon as Coz had pointed out that Mariam's also serves rotis, however, the steak sandwich disappeared from my radar. Cape Town fast food, with a heavy Malay influence, is rotis (pr. rooties).

The unleavened flatbread is made from atta flour, and wrapped around a spicy curry filling, in this case chicken. It was delicious. We ate at a bare bones picnic table in the concrete mall outside, beside a square where trees and sculptures of pedestrians share the paving stones and benches.

It was not fancy, but it was delicious. Honest food, served with a smile. A rare combination. Tomorrow I'll post the steak sandwich.

Mariam's Kitchen
33 Heenrengracht Street, Foreshore
Tel. 021 - 423-0772


  1. ahoy!
    if roti's are your thing, you just HAVE to try the lentil version from Mountain View Cafe in Long Street.
    Masala Dosa next door does fabulous light Indian fare.

  2. Also, looks great. Any chance of a recipe someday?


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