Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cape Town weather

We have had very hot weather for two days, with temperatures in the city bowl alleged to have been near the 38'C/ 100'F  mark. Here at No.9, near the eastern flank of the mountain, the thermometer registered a reasonable 30'C/86'F. There is no humidity to contend with.

After a lunch for three under the tree, where one dog was watered to keep cool (a much-aged Ben), Vincent and I decided to head up to Silvermine for a hike, arriving there at about 4pm. Yes, it was very warm, and we sweated, but we saw wonderful views, quite a lot of flowers and circled the reservoir in the middle (in which many people were cooling off, picnics at the water's edge) having chosen the Amphitheater trail, which really does allow you too look down on everything from the curve of the ridges above. Once I've remembered the names of all the flowers I saw, I'll post properly.


  1. What a view! Thank you, Marie :-)

  2. so very different from the hike I took today...

  3. And so different than Jo'berg! My sister lives just down the hill from that photo! Was there in April.

  4. it really is hot in the city bowl. very very hot. when I close the sliding doors at midnight, the glass is still warm. last night during dinner with friends, we kept an atomiser with cold water in the fridge, to cool down with every few minutes. thank goodness for an air-conditioned car!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the flowers you saw.

    Hope you both had a swim in the Dam?...


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