Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The fairest Cape

Adenandra uniflora, on Ou Kaapseweg, above Cape Town.

Wind-chopped Scarborough.

Hout Bay from Chapman's Peak.

Peter and Veronica Walsh and Wally and Elaine van Rooyen liked the view of Hout Bay well enough to leave their white impressions on the stones in the wall between the road and cliffs. Glynis and Lauren Walsh, and would that be Maudene van Rooyen, with Weldon van Rooyen, who concurred?

Do they know they are going to leave their uninteresting graffiti when they leave home, and take white stuff with them? Is this what rock art might boil down to?

Ja nee.


  1. WHAT is wrong with people? It's all about "me" and my pleasure. The heck with the rest of the world.

  2. I know someone who came back raving about the beauty of a certain group of baobabs in Botswana an waxing lyrically about the bird life... 2 years later when we visited those baobabs I has horrified to see this persons name engraved deeply into one of those beautiful trees! what goes through peoples heads?

    hey M, if you venture to the Atlantic seaboard pop by for a visit, be great to see you!

  3. i have my own message:

    dear walshes and van rooyens, nobody gives a damn what you think of the view.

    "how inconsiderate thou art"

  4. Send your photos to Getaway magazine, so they can publish them and name and shame the authors! Might make them think twice, because someone who reads the mag is bound to know them!


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