Friday, January 28, 2011


After testing the wind at Tableview on a recent morning, Vince retired behind a dune to work on his groundhandling technique.  I tested my newspaper reading skills on the grass.

The wind was fresh, too much for paragliders and newspapers,  and we binned the experiment after a while and went to look at the water.

Capetoninas are yawning at this picture: booooooring, cliiiiiicheeeeee, yaaaaaaawn. Truth is, I have spent very little time at this end of Cape Town, far north of where my parents live. It's beautiful. Especially on an empty morning with a beach stretching forever.

We drove back to town past Milnerton, on the curve of Table Bay, and pulled in to see what we could see. A river emptying at extreme, spring low tide, into the bay.

Another view of the mountain. 

A beachcomber. He was looking carefully in the water, walking slowly. As if in a museum, hands behind the back.

Another beachcomber, also in a museum.

Walking ladies with a sausage dog, Cape Town and its harbour behind...

The Cape Town stadium, built for the World Cup...

And seagulls, also very involved with whatever was in the water and invisible to us.

Vince would like to go back, to run along the beach. I think he could run clean to Namibia.


  1. I know what those beachcombers are up to. They are looking for fossilized shark's teeth which they sell at fleamarkets. I often walk Charlie around there and the rivermouth is an old fossilbed. Always wanted to find a tooth but never succeeded.

  2. Well, THIS Capetonian does not think these pictures are boring. But maybe that's because I too live in the Southern part of the Peninsula and seldom if ever go to Blouberg and surrounds.
    Now I must - its so beautiful!
    Fabulous view of the Stadium!

  3. Marie!


    "Seagulls" only exist in "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull"

  4. Have found fossilized whale bones on that beach - very exciting!

  5. Coz - Sumien emailed me earlier to say the same! She also said they are looking for cowrie shells washed from a ship that sank many years ago...

    Lyn - we've also enjoyed Big Bay and the kite surfers.

    Guy! You're back! Gulls, then. Now you're going to have to sit on your hands till your February-allowance :-)

    Helen, Ok, that's it. Three people say there are fossils. We're going hunting, too.

  6. What a gorgeous beach. It's as if you were alone in the world - wow!


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