Monday, January 17, 2011


It was past high noon and the sun beat down so that for the first time I understood that the sun could in fact strike you down, as it does in stories from Greece, or North Africa, or...Paarl. 

But I am not going to write much, now, because I need to know more. But enough to say that I have never seen a kitchen garden like this or heard such a grand idea, here, and because what I have heard is on the surface I must find out and listen and think. The scale and the size of the investment are a bit mindbending.


That's basil.

South African-style pumpkins. Pampoen.

Your accommodation, should you elect to stay. 


  1. Lovely pictures looks like such an amazing place to visit.

  2. Now, That's a kitchen garden! The photos are beautiful. I would absolutely love to be able to raise a basil plant that large - but am not sure about the sun - sounds hot!

  3. Reminds me of the landscape here in northern California. What's in the wood sided ponds?

  4. Just how big is the kitchen? What a great place.

  5. Is dit nie amazing nie? Het jy al die interiors gesien? Ek was totally gobsmacked.

  6. I would LOVE to know more about this farm - it looks amazing. Pity, though, that the price of accommodation is so high (according to their website, in the region of R3000.00 per person for 2 sharing, includes breakfast)- it's completely out of the regular South African's reach! SUCH a shame...

  7. Hi Marie

    It is Andrew here. Big thank you for a very lovely braai and chats this Sunday past. Hope you are in good spirits.

  8. Sure is a beautiful place. Should I ever be in SA, ditto my previous comment.

  9. smalltowngirl - thank you. It is compelling...

    Malinda - luckily, there's also winter. Cool and very green.

    Howdy, Frank - me too!

    Hi Trey - yeah, similar for sure; perhaps hotter and slightly more subtropical? But not sure.

    The wood is actually concrete, stained. There were fry in one, the tiniest fish, don't know what kind; and tadpoles and waterlilies in the other. The third was a mystery. I hear they are looking to cultivate edible water plants.

    webb. Big. Bigbigbig. I'll have to get back to you on actual size.

    arcadia - inderdaad. En, nee, nog nie.

    Lyn - jeez. I just looked. R3,950 (approx. $576) for a room - would that be a whole cottage? It didn't say per person, was I in the wrong place?

    Here's the Rate Sheet.

    Hi Andrew. This is Marie here :-) It was very good to meet you at long last, and I'm very sorry I overcooked just about everything. My honourary SA Man Braaing Status has been stripped.

  10. Those guest houses look very inviting. Can't wait to know more.


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