Monday, January 31, 2011

Flowers in the house

Over at Small but Charming, Miss Jane is showing us the flowers in her house. She said she would show us hers today if we showed her ours, so...

Up above, not exactly in the house, and the house is not ours, either, since we are visiting, and I admit I cheated by picking these fowers from my mom's garden this morning to accompany our breakfast on the patio - but there they are: roses, yellow cosmos, gaura, fuchsia, scabiosa, linaria, soapwort, shasta daisies, Ruttyruspolia (you better believe it) and dahlias.

Above, the nerine my mom picked for my father's desk, which is really the dining table. The real desk in the real study is ignored. Too small. The nerine was grown from seed and lives in a pot with its friends. Blooms best when ignored.

Judging by the droopiness of the daisies the flowers below (in the rejected study) date back to early last week, but still, they count. They will be removed when my mom sees this picture. The zinnias and daisies are from the garden.

And finally, a yellow fling at the front door. The sunflowers are from Woolworths. I wish we had a Woolworths in New York.

So there they are. Now SHOW US YOUR FLOWERS!

You have till midnight, and since the world is a round place, some of you have more hours ahead than others. Sorry Australia...

Check out Jane's blog for other links to Monday flowers.


  1. Drinking in the colour here along with my mug of tea! Potted Spring bulbs at mine.x

  2. My flowers (paperwhite narcissus) are almost past bloom, but they still interesting to behold.

  3. Flowers from the garden DO count, big time. What a beautiful house and garden you get to post from.

    Shall we give Australia another day?

    xo Jane

  4. Ah ..I too like Belinda am soaking in the colour hugging my tea and my radiator! Garden flowers too - swoon! Sinead

  5. So glad you brought us a taste of summer from the Cape. I can almost smell them....

  6. I wish we had a Woolworths in Germany!
    White freesias in my kitchen smell great and remind me of home.


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