Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SA Blog Award Nominations open till the 27th

Nominations for the 2010 SA Blog Awards close on August 27th.

The blogs with the most nominations are wittled down to 10 finalists for each category. Oy.

So I am shamelessly (actually, quite shamefully) adding the Nominate Me badge below for you to click on if you think 66 Square Feet deserving...Likely categories for this blog would be Photography, and Personal blog. If you think another fits the bill, choose whichever you prefer. This blog travels and cooks, too.

You will be sent a confirmation email from the Awards; once the link there is clicked, you're done.

I know some of you have already done this, and THANK YOU!!!

nominate this blog

(the Food) would compete in Best Food and Wine, though as it is so new, I'm not sure what it's chances are. You can go next door and nominate it from the sidebar, too, if you feel sorry for it.


  1. Just voted for you. Good luck!

  2. All done with email confirmation process for your nomination...Good luck!

  3. Voted!
    But I really want to ask a question...yesterday, a wonderful post from you popped up in my reader, but not on 66 Square Feet. Have you pulled it? Or am I dreaming? You wrote beautifully about the new(ish) gardens by the Bridge.

  4. meems - thanks!

    Sherri B - thanks, too!

    dinahmow - it's there now, two posts down form this one. I published by mistake last night, wanted to post date it to this morning. But blogger Remembers, and won't undo the notification...And thanks!

  5. I voted as well...with e-mail confirmed. Good luck!

  6. And two votes (I have two email addresses!) from the North Carolina Piedmont.

    Alle voorspoed!

  7. Ooh! I have another email address, too, but didn't think of that!Thanks, Karen.
    Point of pernickityness: would a Dominican blog ghosted by a SA "secretary" be eligible?

  8. I featured Estorbo on my blog this evening and linked to his blog and linked to your blog post on July 29th, which is the first time I ever saw him...You are brilliant with your Estorbo.

  9. Donatello - thank you!

    Karen baie dankie !!

    dinahmow - the cats says to say, Eeeeeeeeeeep!

    Humor? Horror?

    Sherri - thank you! Your post made me laugh...I'll show the cat.

  10. Done long ago and plenty of votes coming from SA. Good luck


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