Sunday, August 8, 2010

More terrace figs


We'll have them for supper with Serrano ham, probably on the roof.

Now we're off to Roosevelt Island in the East River. In New York for ten years and I've never been.


  1. Hilarious. In NY for 25 years and today was my first trip to Governor's Island. Congratulations. P.S. I have fig envy.

  2. Isn't that the island where you can live there, but not take a car? If so, I had a friend who lived there 20 years ago and loved it. Hope you have a good visit!

  3. Dankie, Arcadia. Baie goeie still life subjects.

    Ellen - funny, yes. What did you think? But Roosevelt Island? Tres, tres dreary.

    Webb, oh dear, see above. There were cars, though, but mostly stacked on top of each other in garage. It felt very odd. Strange place.

  4. Ok, I am envious of your terrace and serious urban gardening efforts.
    I am going to be in NYC the second week of October and wonder where you recommend that we eat. I have a list of places that are well known for our food crawl, but I want to know the small hidden places.

  5. Did you know that typhoid Mary was locked up there?
    Hmm, used to be called Blackwell's Island. I have a photo of the church at mid-island, before the "utopian" development. Oh, yes, they recently turned the asylum into a condo. Nuts!


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