Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The rocks of Rockport.

Tide in.

Tide out.

We are back in Brooklyn. Arrived late, picked some cucumbers from the farm, made a thin, cold soup, poached some eggs and ate them on toast with chives and gratings of parmesan. The cat would not stop purring.

Everything on the terrace and farm is alive. Danielle, our neighbour, did a wonderful job all round looking after plants and cat. Someone even watered the plants on the stoop (I left a note)....

The hollyhocks from Fire Island have doubled in size in 5 days. Overripe figs were hanging from the tree. It rained! We missed the rain. I don't remember when last I saw real rain.

Rockport this morning was warm with white mist lifting off the calm breakers under a blue sky. It was hard to leave, and hard to say goodbye to Vincent's mom, Germaine, who is tanned brown from her two weeks of holiday to which she looks forward all year. She looks ten years younger. Mother-in-laws are supposed to be awful, but we are both lucky to love ours.

So, there will be more orderly pictures from New England, and there will be new plantings here, on the farm: I have all my cool weather leaves lined up in seed packets, waiting.


  1. Home sweet home? I bet you miss everyone already...

  2. Rockport never looked so good.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

    Missed you and your pithy comments.

    But glad you had such a beautiful holiday.

    xo Jane

  3. Welcome back -the rain was thorough.

  4. "Home is the sailor, home from the sea" RLS I think. So glad you had such a good time. A question - those pebbles underfoot? a little ongemaklik? But I'd love them for my garden

  5. dinahmow - it was better than it looks, too.

    Anyes - home is sweet, not sure that Vince would agree, he's in a decline...we miss the quiet waves at night.

    Jane - thank you :-)

    Frank, thanks - sorry we missed it. Glad your camera is safe!

    Hen - you would have liked that place. But it could use some better places to eat. Yes, the stones are uncomfortable, but there are also some sandy beaches.

  6. I was there yesterday, just missed you! I had my mom and grandmother visiting from Joburg, too... its been a South African week for Rockport! It is a beautiful town, and really the quintessential New England town. Glad you enjoyed it. I do love New England.

  7. Only you could leave a note on the stoop and have someone actually water the plants. Glad you're home. Missed you.


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