Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall greens

It's almost the last day of August. Blue September air has arrived. Colours are saturated. We can start to cook long, slow dinners again without expiring from the heat.*

I am watching my sweet red peppers on the roof like a hawk, so that I can turn them into a rouille for bouillabaisse a week from today. I must visit my fishmonger to order shrimp with their heads on in advance - so hard to find, here. In Cape Town we buy them by the box and put them on the braai, after slitting them down the middle to clean, and then marinating them in lime and garlic. Or peri peri. Oh, what I would do for a packet of Woollies peri peri marinade, right now.

The spicy 'micro' greens on the roof are becoming macro, and I shall let them. Planting more today. The upland cress is up, and the chervil only stuck their spidery green heads above the soil yesterday...Interesting -they took 8 days to the others' 3 and 5.

* Heat. Well, let's just ignore the temperatures at the moment. Wishful thinking.
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