Friday, August 20, 2010

The journey of a watermelon

Above, the beginning, in June.

2nd of July, below.

7th of July.

14th of July.

17th of July, below.

July 30th.

August 19th.



  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaay - a real watermelon.Congratulations.
    I have a couple of zucchini up in spite of the weird weather.

  2. Oh wow! It's amazing to see it like this!

  3. And hopefully it tasted as good as it looks. Watermelons are hard to judge for me. Sometimes they smell so good but then the taste is just "not there". Whatever the case, you grew it on a incredible is that? Did you see the Nat'l Geographic special about rooftop gardens? Nicely done.

  4. Looks really good - well done!

  5. Was it the best watermelon you ever ate?

  6. It was sweet, though not dripping with sugar,and very seedy. It was, however, the most anticipated watermelon ever.

  7. Makes me want to lick my screen! Enjoy.

  8. beautiful harvest! and so nice to have sensible terrace-size watermelon instead of the 20-pound field grown monsters the commercial growers produce (or the zillion-pound competitively grown watermelons!).


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