Friday, July 9, 2010

Figs in the sun

I am watering the fig twice a day at the moment, so it is a very good thing that we do not go away in the summer. Even a weekend off is a problem. This is the so-called fall crop, which will ripen, if all goes well, in September. My first crop (breba crop is the proper name: fruit on previous season's wood) usually drops off.

I checked on the roof farm again this morning and found some ripe tomatoes and ripe cucumbers. They grow like the blazes and are very prickly. Pictures later.


  1. Just lovely! I use to live in an apartment on Amity st with a HUGE fig tree in my neighbor's yard. The branches hung over the fence and I would clip a leaf to place in a vase. One afternoon, I watched in horror as a new homeowner went and had the tree chopped down!

  2. Hi Denise - funny, I was reading your blog while you were here. The flowers over there are gorgeous. I turned down a wedding recently as it seemed too-high stakes for me to take on as a first-time big event - I've only done intimate-scale, no pressure flowers :-)Let me know if you need help in the future...I can aborob wisdom, I hope.

    That fig being chopped is a horror story. How very sad.

  3. Hi Marie and Denise,
    I'm a gardener in New Zealand, with a story about a chopped down fig tree that's coming back to life. It's on my blog:

    Marie, I love your blog because it gives me some respite from the winter. When I get tired of the cold and rain, I enjoy a little holiday at 66 Square Feet.

    Denise, I hope you find a fig sucker coming up under your fence one day.


  4. I'm about to go down to my allotment (to start saying goodbye to it, really) and dreading it, because someone has told me that my lovely little tree, half-scorched in the arson incident, has had some branches torn off. I shall take the big pruning saw, in case I can do anything to help it.

    Good luck with the fig; I loved it in Greece when ripe figs would suddenly drop off the tree with a splatter at one's feet...

  5. Thanks for the advice (in the comments of your earlier post). I think I may try a fig on my patio next year.


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