Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fruits of our labours

Well, not much labour, really. It hasn't been very difficult.

The fig has lost about eight fruit to what I can only call Shrivel - I shall assume that it is due to humidity and very high heat (thanks for your helpful diagnostics)...Stress. Fear of summer.

But two very fat figs are ripening and will be ready in a few days.

On the roof, the inner leaves of the cherry tomatoes have turned crispy brown, and it remains to be seen whether this will affect fruit production. These are the after-effects of the insane temperatures we had two weeks ago, and at the end of June.

Today was pretty awful in terms of wet blanketness, but now I am watering more.

At last we have some interesting skies. Nothing to rival last June's, yet, but I was very happy to see the huge cumulo nimbus tower blocks rolling in as the evening progressed.

An aubergine!

Another watermelon. I wonder what will happen. They react so fast to dry soil: their skins go limp and I sense a great sensitivity within these taken-for-granted shells. Oh, Marie: WATER melon. I just got it. Oh dear. Even more water needed.

The second last handful of blueberries, I think. What a rewarding little shrub. Everyone should have a few.

I ate the strawberries before photographs. There were two ripe, red ones, warm and sweet.

For the Frenchman's perspective on rooftop goings on, read his new post.
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