Friday, July 16, 2010

Fig trouble

Something is wrong with my figs. Not all of them, but about a quarter of the crop.

They are turning yellow and soft, and I know that they will drop off. Water. I water every day, sometimes twice and the pot dries out very quickly. The fig really needs a new home, despite its root pruning. Could it be too much water? I doubt it. I never water a damp pot. Maybe it is too little. Maybe I should not have fed it again.

I am sad. But also puzzled.

The herbs are still doing well. But then, when aren't they?

We have eaten all the garlic. Summer savoury features often in my cooking at the moment, and we need to eat basil faster.

Dan's Fire Island hollyhocks came up at long, long last some months ago and are now sturdy little plants also needing a bigger pot. They are on the stone table in the picture.
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