Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roof living

I pureed some white peaches and added prosecco. Yes, I know all we seem to drink is prosecco. It's because all we drink is prosecco. For now. It's a phase. I took it up to the roof while I watered the farm.

I sat on the parapet wall between us and Raccoon House and looked at the sky, which was beautiful. A late-season, cool air, not-summer sky. Clean blue, high cumulus passing overhead and billowing upwards, buildings painted in precise lines. I over-watered and sloshed my peach puree and prosecco a bit.

Then I took a lot of pictures of the terrace. In the kitchen below, celery soup was cooling, sage was waiting to be frizzled for the ravioli, and in the bedroom my very tired husband was having a nap.

Last night I dreamed I was flying. Me, myself, not in a plane. As long as I believed in it, I could fly. When I stopped believing, I sank. It was like swimming underwater but better.

I am not tired of the terrace. I thought I must be. But I'm not.

There is still plenty to see and do and say.

Later I went and miaowed at the bedroom window and Estorbo came and miaowed with me, quite confused. What are we doeen'? he asked. Miaowing, I said. The tired husband woke up with a jump and soon I had a friend to drink Bellinis on the roof with me.

The naked cat joined us.


  1. I am sure glad you still have plenty to say ::-)
    Awesome photograph of Estorbo, the handsome cat.

  2. The picture of the dining table from above is quite lovely! Estorbo is his usual guapo self.

  3. What a treat that you have a rooftop and terrace! When we lived in Brooklyn, we only had access to a fire escape. LOL

  4. Your flyimg dream sounds very Peter Pan-ish.

    I am a 66 Square Feet J U N K I E

    Completely hooked...

  5. I have become a regular fan of your blog. You're inspiring me to start a garden next spring.

  6. Peaches and prosecco, sounds divine. I love prosecco too, but I have recently discovered Vinho Verde. Great in the summer. Finding you blog quite inspiring.

  7. Beautiful post, beautiful dream, beautiful terrace, beautiful naked cat!

  8. The terrace looks beautiful and of course, graced by the Naked Cat. I'm considering turning my patio into a vegetable garden ....... but it will have to wait until after October OG Day

  9. My husband and I are finding your blog a breath of fresh air in the midst of a breezeless, hot and humid MisouREE summer. We bought white peaches and Prosecco yesterday. That is what we will be enjoying this
    Sunday afternoon instead of our MissouREE wine. I am so happy to have been directed to Estorbo's blog by the Blue Ridge Gal. I of course clicked on over here and to your food blog. And we have fallen in love with Don Estorbo, naked or shirted.

  10. If Estorbo is naked does that mean no more leeckin'?

  11. Anyes - estrobo's head is swelling...

    Donatella, thank you, and see above.

    belle - merci!

    meems - Fire escape is better than no fire escape...

    Lyn, heheheh. I'll prepare a new feex for you right away.

    Christopher - thank you very much, and I am happy to have helped launch your garden-dreams.

    Hi Monica - vinho verde, thank you for reminding me!

    Ikaika ^^ - I thank you and the cat thanks you and the terrace offers you a ripe strawberry.

    Hen - I suppose it is sensibel to wait till Open Gardens day has passed...But I think that's very good idea. Some teepees or tuteurs for beans and tomatoes...ditch the roses? Bush cucumbers on the wrought iron fence...

    Rural Rambler...Missouree wine? As in, made in?

    Ellen, no more shoulder lickeen', or at least it doesn't matter if he does, as it has healed and he has good fur there now. But he STILL licks the bloody tummy if he's out long enough, so I take the shirt off when he's bit distracted by roof adventures.

  12. Escorbo - au natural! he's quite lovely. The terrace looks so lush and lovely - even in all this awful heat. Your water bill will look like the national debt - but so worth it.

  13. webb - please don't scare my landlord! Water is included in the rent. That said, I have a feeing that our water use is pretty darn low, given the pretty tiny size of the terrace, and our pretty short showers.

  14. Just stumbled across your blog and think it's absolutely fantastic! Your roof garden looks gorgeous. I too am trying my hardest to garden in my tiny bit of outside space in my first floor London flat. However, all I have is three sunny windowsills! But doing quite well so far with tomatoes, chillis, peppers and loads of herbs all growing happily together...


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