Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bush cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, remix

Popped up onto the roof this evening to pick some tomatoes. Found a cucumber, too, and a ripe black cherry tomato, which had split.

Took them back down and applied the Opinel knife. Added some torn up mint and basil from the terrace. And French feta...

Salad for supper.


  1. This is so what i love to eat.

  2. The perfect recipe for a hot summer evening. Enjoy

  3. Just love the view of your farm peeking over the eves of the roof! It looks like an adventure just over the horizon. So neat.

  4. What do I have to do to convert you to Greek feta?!? Did you ever do the blind Sahadi taste test? Perhaps I will blindfold you and force you to taste cheeses.

  5. Ellen - I'm sorry, I prefer the French feta. I like the texture.

    But I like the blind tasting idea. It always turns everyone's prejudices on their heads :-)


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