Monday, October 28, 2013

Conservancy Garden in fall

A surprise. Returning yesterday afternoon from a long ramble in Central Park's North Woods, a small splash of colour in the distance caught the Frenchman's eye. I guessed that the flowers might be chrysanthemums, planted in the Conservancy Garden, around the fountain (remember spring tulips? And I write about this garden in the April chapter of A Delicious Life, when my mother and I picnicked under drifts of crabapple blossom). But I shuddered at the thought of all those artificially round mounds that infest the fall landscape in Northeastern parts.

But there were no mounds. Instead, there were these lovely, leggy creatures. Looking the way plants should, despite the monoculture of their planting. It was hugely impressive, in terms of impact. I'll be back, I hope, this week, when there are fewer people.

On foot, this garden and its southern parts, which we did not visit today, are just fifteen minutes away.

If you can, go. This is really something to see.

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