Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring minutiae

The tiny violets and their offspring have woken up in the gravel just outside the sliding door.

And the mint on the other side of the door barely has a fighting chance. It found its way into my gin and tonic last night. As I type, the temperature is only a few degrees above freezing.

By August I will kick at the tangle of mint that snags our ankles as we step outside.

August. An impossible country.


  1. Your violet might be Viola walteri.

  2. It's getting better every day - fruit trees in full bloom today. I have hope... really, hope.

    1. Our mint control has been mojitos. We're not winning the war but we're sure enjoying the fight :)

      BTW - not sure about walteri - that one's more of a creeper than a seeder in my limited experience (we grow 'Silver Gem'). Labradorica on the other hand will fling seed into every pot within ten feet!

  3. I also think the violet is labradorica...

    Hm. Mojitos. I had forgotten about those!

  4. Minutiae, yes, but oh so perfect...

  5. August... Remind me, do we still get that month?

  6. Ha! I was just going to say V. labradorica! I ordered some last year, and yours looks like mine. Violets are my favorite. Like you, I choose for most bang for the buck-- but violets are one of my exceptions to that rule. I have a few parma violets, several types of sororia, etc. I just love them and feel they are completely cheerful. I especially love the reblooming ones.


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