Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowers in the house

Somehow, the house went without flowers, last week. So this week I felt I was entitled to two bunches.

The flower sellers outside Key Food had all sorts, but very little spring: asters (fall), Barbeton daisies (summer), chrysanthemums (fall), orchids (...?) , lilies (summer), Inca lilies (summer), day-in-day-out roses (summer), baby's breath (summer), calla lilies (summer), tuber roses (summer)...

There were spring stocks. But I knew I'd be feeding lunch today to Amy, who will stay here for some weeks while we travel in South Africa, and not everyone likes the scent of stocks. The tulips were past their best - I never buy them unless the buds are practically embryonic, so I got some of the least gaudy hyacinths. The hot pink is not their best colour. I miss the delicate, single white variety my mom used to grow on the sidewalk ("pavement", if you're South African) outside our house in Bloemfontein. But the scent is remarkably unchanged...

The lilac was the first I have seen, and must come from points south. It was a huge bunch, of branches about three feet long. Mostly leaves. I reduced it all to a posy.

Yes, I do play with that cab. It's wonderful at dinner, for ramming into the salad bowl.

The limes with green stripes are pink inside, bought from Fairway last week, along with sweet limes and Meyer lemons.

There. Now you know everything.

To see more flowers from all around the world, visit Jane Winters' Small but Charming blog, where she hosts Flowers in the House on occasional Mondays. Yes, I know I am late.

Tuesday is the new Monday.


  1. Knowing everything is a hoot :-)

  2. Wait, what about the cookies? What kind?

    The party doesn't start till you come in.

    xo jane

  3. Love the cab. Now, you always have one when you need it. It smells lovely ... all the way here.

  4. I have never smelled lilacs
    I have never eaten a striped pink lime
    (how pink? like a ruby grapefruit?)

    more reasons to visit!

  5. Your photo reminded me of a Cezanne painting. Lovely as always.


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