Wednesday, April 10, 2013


What, now you tell me?


To the long-legged black man in the Stevie Wonder glasses and white beret who engaged me and made me smile on the Uptown A train, and who paid an extra dollar to the singing panhandler, on my behalf.

To the two unaccompanied small white boys (8, 11?) on the platform of the downtown C at 14th Street who had the following conversation as they waited for their train.

8: But it's easier to teach the class if they first understand the subject matter.

11: But we only have to invent the board game, not explain the rationale.

8: I don't see the point, in that case.

11: Just listen to me, nothing will be altogether eliminated. Maybe I should just do it on my own

8: But the exercise is to encourage building teamwork.


Their train arrived, the small one chose the car with fewer commuters, and off they went.

To the High Line, for having pussy willow in bloom.

To the Chelsea Market - for good mozarella and cheap dried sausages and a perfectly-sized galvanized tin bucket which now has an old English rose growing in it. Thank you.

To my blender: for making that drink that we drank on the roof at 5.30pm - with the pineapple, the gin, the lemon slices, the ice and the Haagen Dazs lemon sorbet.

To the suddenly hot weather.

To the robin who got stuck on repeat at about 8pm.

To the tugs and ferries and landing planess and setting sun and later the stars of Orion and the Big Dipper and a red dwarf, out there.

To the striped deck chairs and the cat watching and listening to the dark.

I could not have done it without you.


  1. Love all your pics, and the sign from Manhattan Storage about "chopping onions on your ac".

    Our neighbors own Manhattan Storage and they are animal rights people (they love dogs), they always have a sign at their Varick St. location to adopt at shelters, etc. They really use their advertising space well! You would like them. Cool people. Just some useless facts for a warm Wednesday.

  2. This is a lovely post -- thanks for sharing all the "found" goodness. . .

  3. Okay, in the spirit of your post...
    Thank you, Marie, for providing one of the first things I want to look at during the day (every day)!

  4. Lovely end to a busy day. We did the wine thing, without the food, on the back patio too. Next time, I need to plan for munchies too. :-)

  5. Taking time for thanks is always a pleasure- thank you for sharing your day and the lovely photo's.

  6. What a wonderful post! Thank you for these snippets from your day :)
    Happy spring! Love from autumny Jozi x

  7. thank you. i'm more or less in the same mood these days. so thankfully for my life and the people and places around me.


  8. Who needs Paris, when you have April in NYC? Green with envy.

  9. A day in the life. Those kids are smart. Is the salad avocado and mozzarella?

    1. The children were riveting...

      Yes, avocado. Not a brilliant pairing as the textures are similar, I suppose (more successful is quick-pickled beet), but enlivened by some chives from the terrace and also, a few minutes later, by the flower buds of the winter kale. Where a real Caprese is concerned, I am biding my time, as far as buying real tomatoes goes. Not easy.

  10. I love your blog -- and wonder if you drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the tin bucket for the old English rose?

  11. Well that post was full of hearts ease.

    xo J.

  12. What a lovely day! And the boys remind me of Frasier and Niles . . .

    1. I loved those children. The minute they started talking, my ears pricked up. Not an adult in sight, and utterly confident and at ease. I wish I knew more about them, but they'll remain a New York mystery. I think the little one's name was Eldrin.


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